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There has been a resurgence in new developments, especially in this area. Developers are back and building the most modern new homes imaginable. Creating the latest styles, with attractive designs and exceptional qualities. There are over 140 new developments under construction or in the final planning stages. Developers are offering grand discounts for early purchases and all your payments are now bank guaranteed. This eliminates the possibility of what happened in the beginning of this century – some developers didn’t deliver what they promised or even took off with the clients money… You surely heard some horror stories but we are now definitely in a safe and secure investment environment where you, the Buyer, are 100% protected by the Spanish Law.

New construction is done in different phases and understanding this system is sometimes confusing specially for a first time buyer. We are here to help you understand this better. 

It is important to know that there are certain steps one should take, or needs to take, before actually making a property purchase. We are working with a team of professionals that have many years of experience in sales, legal advice, construction and maintenance. 

Just what you need to make the right decision for your future in the sun.